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#1 Public IoT Network Operator in Hong Kong

Scalable IoT network with global coverage

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Customisable and scalable management solutions

Our IoT solutions provide business users with significant savings when deploying new and upgrading existing IoT infrastuctures:


Flexible services model and support

With any of the solutions presented, you can be sure that Pixel Networks will offer the optimal level of support and compliance with your IT requirements. Pixel Networks can provide either a turnkey deployment of the IoT solution or work in cooperation with customer’s integration team.

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Strategic Partnership

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Our technology partners

Pixel Networks is looking to cooperate with companies interested in testing and promoting their IoT products in Hong Kong. Pixel Networks relies on solutions and works in cooperation with top IT vendors:

technology partner Microsoft
technology partner Gemtek
technology partner Pycom
technology partner ELSYS
technology partner GlobalSat
technology partner Honeywell
technology partner Atos
technology partner Flashnet