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#1 Public IoT Network Operator in Hong Kong

HKTDC International ICT Expo

Pixel Networks and Cisco at HKTDC International ICT Expo


Cisco IOT partner of the year

Pixel Networks awarded "Hong Kong IoT Partner of the Year" at Cisco China Ecosystem Forum


WIoT licence “No. 001”

Pixel Networks granted first Wireless Internet of Things (“WIoT”) licence “No. 001” by OFCA


Pixel and Cisco launched Digital Lab in Science Park

Pixel Networks and Cisco at Next Intelligent IoT Generation Conference


Strategic partnership with TrackNet

Pixel Networks and TrackNet enter strategic partnership for world-wide solutions distribution and management


Scalable IoT network with global coverage

LoRa techology

Our network is based on LoRaWAN protocol by LoRa Alliance which is one of the most advanced and efficient technologies for building Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). We offer integrated customizable and ready-to-use solutions for IoT enabling.


Inside-Out networks

The Pixel’s network deploys innovative “inside-out” topology. “Inside-out” topology means that every clients’ deployment has its own base stations for maximum data rate within the customer premises and, at the same time, have the capability to utilise Pixel Networks’ public coverage.


Network coverage

Our network embraces the most commercially valuable regions of Hong Kong. This is Smart City level of integration, where you can run security, logistics, data gathering or public services on a city wide scale.


Customisable and scalable management solutions

Our IoT solutions provide business users with significant savings when deploying new and upgrading existing IoT infrastuctures:


Flexible services model and support

With any of the solutions presented, you can be sure that Pixel Networks will offer the optimal level of support and compliance with your IT requirements. Pixel Networks can provide either a turnkey deployment of the IoT solution or work in cooperation with customer’s integration team.

Requirements analysis

Pixel Networks focuses on rapid prototyping, allowing the customer to assess the applicability and potential of the solution as soon as possible before the final deployment.​

Equipment and integration

Aside from ordering a turn-key project, you can simply purchase equipment and use the Pixel’s IoT network.

Installation and maintenance

With all Pixel’s devices we offer installation and maintenance services, including repair and replacement of batteries.

Infrastructure provision

Pixel Networks offers a free network data plans if you order projects or add your base stations to the network. Monthly and life-time licenses are available for self-purchased equipment.

Software and cloud

Use our software solutions and services to increase the efficiency of your IoT environment. Pixel can also provide integrations with your legacy IT infrastructure.

Iot carriers partnership

If you’re looking for an expansion on the growing IoT market, Pixel can assist you with its resources, best practices, marketing and sales support.

Strategic Partnership


Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Pixel Networks relies on Cisco expertise on core IoT networking hardware solutions and delivers these solutions to its customers as well. Our LoRaWAN public network in Hong Kong is deployed using Cisco hardware.

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TrackNet Inc

TrackNet provides highly scalable LoRaWAN IoT solutions for consumers and industry, focusing on ease of use and unparalleled scalability to enable a new era of exponentially growing LPWAN deployments for a sustainable world.

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Our technology partners

Pixel Networks is looking to cooperate with companies interested in testing and promoting their IoT products in Hong Kong. Pixel Networks relies on solutions and works in cooperation with top IT vendors:

technology partner Microsoft
technology partner Gemtek
technology partner Pycom
technology partner ELSYS
technology partner GlobalSat
technology partner Honeywell
technology partner Atos
technology partner Flashnet